What’s fun about?

What’s fun about?

And is it possible to make almost anything fun, if it’s handled right?

These are the questions I’m wrestling with – or maybe I draw a smile-y face and write “playing with,” since my goal is to live the stance I’m writing about.

This blog will be an exploration of all kinds of topics, some straightforward and some a little off-the-beaten-track, but all addressed through the lens of fun.

As situations in our world become more stressful and as economic and social pressures increase for us and around us, it’s going to be increasingly useful for each of us to be able to think well about what is really fun for us and how we can help those around us have more fun more of the time.

Having fun together is social glue and social grease.  It bonds us together and smoothes our interactions.  It also releases tension, makes us feel good, strengthens our desire for the well-being of others we have fun with, and enables us to tackle harder issues more cooperatively and effectively.

We know it’s fun to play when we have time “off.”  Are there also ways to get work done while having fun and helping other people have fun too?

Let’s find out!  Let’s explore!  What’s fun about…

2 thoughts on “What’s fun about?

  1. Great food for thought. So many of us are striving so hard to make a difference, or make a living, or make a change, that we don’t often just stop and think about FUN. As for me, fun is…writing on Forbes, coaching, speaking, reading, learning, watching movies, hanging with my family, singing, snuggling with my dogs, taking a walk, hearing the pond “chirp” in the Spring, and the list goes on. Thanks for reminding me to relish my fun.


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