A musician and band leader for over 30 years, a mother for over 20 years, a college level psychology instructor and counselor for over 10 years, an exercise instructor for over 4 years – always interested in making it fun.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I really like having a computer. It is fun to be able to look up information. It is fun to read and view funny stuff from the email that I get each day. It is fun to make comments whenever there is anything to comment on. I have to have my little joke-that is fun for me. It is fun to look out the front of our house and fun to look out the back of our house. Sometimes I see four and sometimes fifteen deer grazing back there or maybe just lying there. I have fun making cracks and telling funny stories-and people laugh, too. The wrinkles near their eyes appear so they are not laughting just to be polite. I have fun running into people that have known me from the past and it is fun to see their faces light up when they see me. Fun comes from within-the major part of having fun is generated by the attitude one has about himself or herself and about the world.
    Donald W Bales (father of Ginny Bales).


    1. What a great comment, Daddy! Thanks! 😉 You’re a great example of someone who enjoys life! Your attitudes, along with your diet and exercise regimens and just plain good luck, have helped keep you vigorous, active, and still having fun at age 90!


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